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Silver Strand Elementary School

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Principal's Welcome

Welcome Voyager Students & Families to

Jenny Moore

Silver Strand Elementary School 2021-22!

Welcome, Voyager students and families, to the Silver Strand Elementary School 2021-22 school year! 
 I am proud and grateful to support this unique, small, and special school in Coronado Unified School District, and to serve Silver Strand's dedicated and inspiring staff, kind, and curious students, and generous and involved families and community members.  We are so very excited to embark on a year of full-day learning experiences at SSES. 
While COVID-19 remains a global health concern, our district is preparing to open schools fully for instruction beginning on August 26 with provisions for students', staff's, and families' health and safety at the center in accordance with most current guidelines from the state and county health and education agencies. 
At Silver Strand Elementary School, we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and honor the diverse backgrounds, values, and perspectives which comprise our community. We are committed to recognizing, learning about, and supporting one another, and to preparing our students to learn, work, and thrive as citizens with cultural awareness and responsibility.
Coronado Unified School District further believes every child every day needs a connection, a challenge, and a champion.  Regardless of the mode of instruction, we recognize the importance of your child having opportunities to make connections with peers and teachers and prioritize social-emotional well-being and connectedness during this critical time of reestablishing normalcy after more than a year of social distancing.  Our students benefit from the resources of both clinical and Military Family Life counselors and community mentors, and through learning with classroom, Visual and Performing Arts, Innovation Lab, and PE teachers.  
Silver Strand Elementary School offers curriculum, instructional strategies, and resources to meet the needs and styles of diverse learners. Each student will be challenged to achieve based on individual strengths and areas of growth and through small group instruction, personalized education time, and interventions built into the school day. Through our VAPA and Innovation Lab special courses, students can discover new areas of interest and excitement in music, art, theatre, dance, computer science, engineering, coding, and robotics. 
The Silver Strand Elementary Voyager family recognizes how critical it is to belong to a safe and supportive community which champions the gifts and contributions of each unique individual.  Our Sanford Harmony social-emotional learning program promotes peer support through problem-solving, mentoring and partnerships, and coping strategies.  At our weekly Friday Flagpole community assembly, we recognize students and staff for their positive contributions to our Voyager Family, celebrating character and kindness.  Through the lens of a growth mindset, we champion our students' individual growth and successes, encouraging them to recognize leaps in both academics and personal responsibility.
Our families hail from the neighboring Lincoln Military Housing at Silver Strand, the Coronado Cays housing development, as well as neighborhoods in Imperial Beach and San Diego through inter-district transfers.  We extend a warm welcome to our military families, recognizing the unique gifts and challenges associated with families who serve.  Silver Strand Elementary and Coronado Unified School District are proud to offer robust resources for students and families through our partnerships with the military, including our Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC), Military Spouse support groups, and mentoring programs (Operation BIGs and PALs).  
Our programs and opportunities are the result of generous community support.  We encourage you to connect with us and other families through joining and volunteering with our Silver Strand PTO, the Coronado Schools Foundation, Coronado SAFE, and in your child's classroom. Communicate with your child's teachers and participate in school activities such as weekly Friday Flagpole assemblies and Family Fun Nights, fairs, and performances.  
Invest in and champion your child's education and personal growth this year by talking with your child about daily learning challenges and experiences, and reading, researching, and exploring together. 
We look forward to knowing your children and you.  It's going to be a wonderful year! 
Welcome to our Voyager Family, 
Jenny Moore, Principal
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