CUSD's Discipline Action Guide & School Discipline Plan

Discipline Plan

Silver Strand Elementary School

CUSD Discipline Action Guide and Plan

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Silver Strand's School Discipline Plan

Belief Statement: 

At Silver Strand Elementary, we believe that: 

  • All children are inherently good. All behaviors are learned from the responses children receive in their environment. 
  • There is a strong partnership between the school and parents. Frequent communication is essential. 
  • All students have the ability to behave appropriately and start with a “clean slate” each day. 
  • The misbehavior of one student will not be allowed to interfere with the learning opportunities of other students. 
  • The misbehavior of a student will not excuse him/her from completing the learning objectives. 
  • Every discipline situation is an opportunity for children to learn responsibility and develop a plan for correcting what went wrong. 
  • Expected behaviors must be defined, communicated, taught, and modeled throughout the year. 

Purpose of the School-Wide Discipline Plan: 

To encourage positive behavior and discourage negative behavior. Key elements: 

  • Keep students and staff safe 
  • Teach students to exercise self-control and to develop appropriate social skills 
  • Reinforce responsibility for actions 
  • Maintain focus on learning and teaching 
  • Model and encourage good choices 
  • Provide consistent and equitable standards 
  • Utilize natural and logical consequences 
  • Require an atmosphere conducive to learning in all school areas 
  • To spend more time on prevention, and less on intervention 

Download the full Silver Strand Discipline Plan and Form here