Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Coronado Unified School District Elementary School Attendance Policy 

The Coronado Unified School District recognizes that there is no substitute for having students at school to receive instruction. We believe that parents, students, and all school personnel must be involved in pupil attendance. We strive to maximize students' instructional time in school, as such, students are expected to arrive at school on time, every day.

We are required by law to have school attendance procedures as well as consequences for school non-attendance. The following attendance policy is in effect at Silver Strand and Village Elementary Schools. It is important that students and parents understand and adhere to the elements in this policy. State law requires that all children ages 6-18 shall attend school full-time and for the full-time designated as the length of the school day (EC 48200). 

Click here for the CUSD Attendance Policy.

Reporting/Verifying Absences

Please report absences immediately by calling our attendance line the morning of the absence (Silver Strand: 522-8934, ext. 2). All absences must be verified within 24 hours by direct phone call or note signed by a parent/guardian and delivered to the attendance clerk, (CCR 5, 306). EACH consecutive day of absence must be called in and verified. 

Our attendance policy (in accordance with Ed. Code 48205) stipulates that absences can only be excused for the following reasons: personal illness; health department quarantine; medical, dental, optometric or chiropractic appointments; 1 day for in-state or 3 days for out of state attendance at funeral services for an immediate family member; any court ordered appearance such as a subpoena; exclusion for failure to present evidence of immunization; observance of a religious holiday; attendance at a SART or SARB (Attendance Review) hearing. 

Any absence, for any reason other than those listed above, is considered unexcused. An excused absence that is not properly reported or verified within 24 hours will be considered unexcused. A student’s grade may be negatively affected by unexcused absences (BP 5113, 5121). 

Parents are expected to schedule medical and court appointments outside the instructional day. When scheduling an appointment during school hours is unavoidable, students must follow proper procedures or risk being marked truant. Any student leaving campus must report to the office FIRST. Students are required to be signed out by the parent when being picked up for outside appointments.  

When a student has had more than 5 consecutive days or 10 total excused absences in a school year, any further absences for illness must be verified by a physician with a doctor’s note or they will be unexcused (CCR 5, 421). 


Students are considered to be present and not tardy when they are physically inside their classroom by 8:10 at Silver Strand. Parents should be aware that by law, students are considered truant when they have any combination of 3 unexcused absences or tardies over 30 minutes (EC 48260). (See also the Truancy/School Attendance Review section below.) 

Independent Contracts for Study

Parents should be aware that five or more absences in a grading period may have a significant negative effect on a student’s academic progress. Therefore, students who will miss five or more consecutive days for reasons other than illness are encouraged to complete Independent Contract for Study in lieu of attending school, not to exceed 20 days per school year. To be eligible for independent study, parents must send a written request to the Silver Strand administration at least 5 days prior to the planned absence outlining the dates and reasons for the request. If approved, the student must have each teacher sign the appropriate documentation, prior to leaving for independent study. All work must be submitted on the day the student returns. It is extremely important that students have regular attendance until the end of the school year. This is particularly so during the last few weeks of the final semester when end-year assessments are administered, the results of which are critical to completing student report cards and in ascertaining progress on Strategic Planning SMART goals. No independent contracts will be issued after May 31. Please give administration and classroom teachers as much notice as possible in order to prepare work for the Independent Contract for Study.

Truancy/School Attendance Review

The Coronado Unified School District recognizes that there is no substitute for having students at school to receive instruction. The San Diego County Office of Child Welfare and Human Services describes “Soft Truancy” as an attendance pattern that includes any combination of the following that exceed 10% of instructional days: tardies, absences, incomplete Independent Contract for Study, withdrawing a student prior to the conclusion of the school day, etc. “Soft Truancies” often lead to more serious attendance problems if not addressed. By law, students are considered truant when they have any combination of 3 unexcused absences or tardies over 30 minutes (EC 48260). Parents of students with attendance problems will receive monthly written notification that will involve the following graduated steps and consequences: 

1st intervention step/1st notice: A conference between parent and counseling office to determine agreed upon steps to improve school attendance.

2nd intervention step/2nd notice: Student Success/Study team meeting to determine further agreed upon steps to improve school attendance.

3rd intervention step/3rd notice: mandatory attendance and participation by parents and student in School Attendance Review Team (SART). Participants in SART may include CUSD Director of Pupil Personnel Services, site administrator, District Nurse and/or school counselor and/or Coronado Police Department Youth and Family Services Officer. At the SART meeting, a contract will be developed to improve student attendance.

4th intervention step: mandatory attendance and participation by parents and student in Student Attendance and Review Board (SARB). SARB is a legal hearing, held with representation by the County Office of Education Office of Child Welfare and Human Services as well as the listed participants in (c) above, in which a contract will be developed. Failure to adhere to contract stipulations will result in a referral to County Court. 

We believe that only through parents and school staff working together can we build the best educational experience for our students. We thank you in advance for your cooperation in respect to these policies and in your continued efforts to have your children in school every day, on time.