After School Sibling Care at Silver Strand

Silver Strand's After School Sibling Care Information

At Silver Strand Elementary School, the sibling program is offered to students in 1st through 3rd grade who have older siblings enrolled at Strand.  The program is also offered to kindergarten students; however, it is not available to kindergarten students on Wednesdays due to the early dismissal.  Kindergarten students may only attend on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  The children are supervised as they play on the playground for 30 minutes until their older siblings are dismissed from school.  All children in this program must be enrolled and will be required to sign-in each day.  The sibling or a parent must sign the child out each day as well.  If you are going to have someone pick up your child who is not on your list, please contact the child care office in advance.  Children are not allowed to leave the sibling program without your prior permission.  

There is no cost to this program other than the initial registration fee; although, late fees will be charged if your child is not picked-up before the playground closes (3:00 each day except on Wednesday when the playground closes at 1:45). 

Due to years of low enrollment, Silver Strand Elementary School is no longer offering before school and after school child care with the exception of the After School Sibling Program.  

Click here for a Sibling Care Application and all the details.

Important Telephone Numbers and E-mail Addresses

Child Care Main Office: 522-8940, ext. 6085 

Office of the Director: Early Childhood Development Center, 199 Sixth Street, Coronado, CA

Contact E-mail Address:

Child Care Classroom at Silver Strand Elementary School: 522-8934, ext. 4081