Transition to the Common Core

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 6 years, 5 months ago

Transition to the Common Core

What can I do as a parent to help my child with the transition to the Common Core?

ELA• Read more non- fiction on topics of interest and discuss them
• Provide more challenging texts AND provide texts they WANT to read and can read comfortably
• Know what is grade level appropriate
• Require evidence in every day discussions/ disagreements “How do you know?”
• Encourage writing at home
• Read often and constantly with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and children
• Let your kids see you reading and writing
• Talk to your children and listen to your children; engage them in language of all kinds
• Balance of reading, writing, speaking, and listening

Math• Know what the priority work is for your child for their grade level
• Advocate for your child and ensure that support is given for “gap” skills – negative numbers, fractions, etc
• Encourage children to know/ memorize basic math facts
• Know all of the fluencies your child should have and prioritize learning of the ones they don’t
• Provide TIME for your child to work hard with math at home
• Get smarter in the math your child needs to know
• Ask your child to DO the math that comes up in your daily life
• Make sure your child is thinking about math in real life
• Encourage math writing and multiple ways to solve a problem

Compass Learning• Personalized Learning Path for your child based on MAP results
• Grades 2-8
• One hour/week