Silver Strand's Principal Newsletter for October 2016

Posted by: SSES Registrar 3 years, 3 months ago

Silver Strand's Principal Newsletter for October 2016

Dear Parents:

It’s hard to believe that a month and half of school has already passed.  We have had a busy start to the school year and many exciting events have already happened.  We had our Back to School Night event, special Friday flagpole celebrations, the APEX Fun Run (our annual jog-a-thon), a games-based Family Fun Night, Math Night, and many clubs beginning including Running Club, Robotics, Ambassadors and Peace Patrol, and Choir and Band just to name a few. 

Here is some news from Silver Strand for the remaining days in October…


At this time each year a Federal Survey Card is sent home with each student in grades PreK-12 and parents are asked to please complete the card and return it the following day.  At this time, most cards have been signed and returned.  However, there are still a few remaining cards that need to be returned.  If you have not already had an opportunity to return this survey card please do so immediately. 

Please note:  We are required to collect a card for each student, regardless of parents’ occupation. We do this as part of the procedures which are prescribed by the Federal Government in order to collect certain funds for the school district.  We need the information in order to qualify for these funds, which account for a substantial portion of our district budget.


Today was the final day of our fall Measures of Academic Progress testing (or MPG testing for our younger primary-aged students).  This assessment is a computer adaptive test designed to obtain real-time data about student achievement in reading, language, and mathematics.  Teachers are then able to immediately use this MAP/MPG data to better understand each student’s specific strengths and needs in order to tailor instruction to best meet their needs.  If you have any questions related to how your child performed on this assessment please contact your child’s classroom teacher.  We want to acknowledge our teachers for their hard work in supporting their students with testing. 


Traditionally, mid-trimester progress reports have been mailed home at this time of the school year.  However, the Coronado School District has made an alteration to the times that student progress will be reported.  This year, CUSD is making the transition from a trimester grading reporting calendar to a semester reporting calendar.  Student progress will be shared with parents during Parent/Teacher Conference Week which will be the week of November 14-18.  Additional information pertaining to conferences and progress reports will be forthcoming soon. 


This coming week (October 24-28) all CUSD school sites will be celebrating the Six Pillars of Character connected to our community-wide Character Counts program.  At Silver Strand, we will be holding our annual “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up” Day on Thursday, October 27th, during which adult presenters will speak to individual classrooms of students about the importance of good character and study habits in attaining their professions. If you are interested in being a presenter, or may know of a potential presenter, please contact the coordinator of this event, our school counselor, Sophia Frost, no later than Friday, October 21 so she can complete the schedule of presenters. Please note:  There will be various times for students in the different grade levels to enjoy presentations this year.  Our fourth and fifth grade students will enjoy presenters from 8:30-9:30 a.m.  Grades TK-3 will have presentations beginning at 1:00 p.m. that day.


We would like to remind all families to please ensure that your child regularly arrives at school on time and ready to learn.  The bell that signals students to enter campus and go to their classrooms rings at 8:05am, and the tardy bell follows at 8:10am.  Instruction begins in all classrooms promptly after entry, so a student who arrives even a few minutes late misses out on important introduction of a lesson’s main objective, rotation to first ASE groups of the day, etc.  Late entry also disrupts learning for both classmates and the teacher.  Please also minimize times when students are removed from class during the school day.  San Diego County of Education’s Office of Student Welfare has determined “soft truancy” as any combination of circumstances in which a child misses any portion of class time for more than 10% of school days.  Our counselor, Sophia Frost, will soon begin contacting parents of students who fall into that category on a monthly basis to initiate steps to help improve attendance with them. Comprehensive intervention steps such as School Attendance Review Team and School Attendance Review Board are required should students’ attendance problems become more chronic.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful PTO for all that they have already done for our school this school year.  They supported teachers with beginning of the school year supplies and food, they have supported students via our APEX Fun Run, and they have hosted on Family Fun Night as they will soon be hosting a second one on Friday, October 21 beginning at 5:30 p.m.  We encourage you to support our PTO as they work tirelessly to support our school. 

We welcome you to be actively involved in our school.  We hope that the remainder of October will be filled with more “treats” than “tricks.” 

Coming soon:  “Kids Corner” news sharing and a “Parents Challenge” section.


Tammy Marble


Silver Strand Elementary