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Silver Strand Elementary School

Activities & Club Opportunities

 Ambassador Club  Ambassador Club

Student Ambassadors at Silver Strand School are upper-grade students who have been trained to host and welcome new students and families by acting as a “host” and explaining programs and opportunities available at our school. Through staff facilitation, the Ambassador Club members learn leadership skills, peer collaboration and self-confidence.  Each ambassador is given a blue jacket that identifies him or her as a member of this club. 

Welcome video by Ambassador Club at Silver Strand

Peace Patrol  Peace PatrolSSES Students

Silver Strand’s Peace Patrol is comprised of a group of 5th grade students who are trained in peer mediation and work with the school counselor to provide conflict resolution to other students on the playground during recess.  Peer mediation enables students to help their peers solve conflicts in a peaceful manner.  Our entire student body benefits from this program which helps to provide a safe, cooperative environment here at Siler Strand School.  Members wear red Peace Patrol jackets on the playground which make them easy to identify for our students.

Curbside Photo

Curbside Hosts  Curbside Hosts

The Silver Strand Curbside Hosts are a group of 5th grade students who provide assistance for students and aid parents in safely dropping their children off at curbside in front of Silver Strand School.  This program also helps to alleviate the drop off traffic before school each morning.  The Curbside Host team works on a rotating basis and performs their duties from 8:00am to 8:10am, Monday through Friday.  These students were provided safety training by the school principal.  Curbside Hosts wear orange vests to help make them easily identifiable to parents dropping their children off each morning.  

Student Council  Student CouncilStudent Council

The Silver Strand Student Council gives our students the opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects.  It is comprised of 4th & 5th grade elected officers and elected classroom representatives from each 3rd through 5th grade classroom. The Student Council meets monthly to discuss and plan community service projects such as food drives for the San Diego Food Bank, donating school supplies to the Monarch School (school for homeless students in San Diego County), and Toys for Tots drive.  They also promote school spirit and decide themes for our popular Spirit Days.  In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the Student Council is the voice of the student body.