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Silver Strand Elementary School

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Silver Strand Elementary: Mission & Goals

Silver Strand School Site

Our Vision Silver Strand Elementary: Our Vision

“We inspire, innovate, and create limitless opportunities to thrive.”


Our Mission Silver Strand Elementary: Our Mission

Quality Education for Life
Through rigorous academic standards, high expectations, and a coordinated curriculum, the Coronado Unified School District, in partnership with our small, involved community, will graduate students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in higher education, careers, society, and life with the confidence not only to dream, but to determine their futures.

 Silver Strand Silver Strand's "Culture of Character"

We strive to create what we call a “Culture of Character” at Silver Strand, and one which creates a unique and tight-knit “family feel” that permeates the campus. From the principal to the staff members, and from the parents to our many community volunteers, we feel that all of our “oars are in the water and pulling in the same direction” as we seek to instill in our students skills which will allow them to be individuals of strong character. We work hard to be sure that each student feels safe and secure, engaged and connected, academically and emotionally supported, and that their good character is consistently strengthened and recognized.